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Biros Adrienn

Biros Adrienn

room furniture expert, co-owner

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Markó Viktória, home interior designer

I have been a home interior designer for 19 years. My headquarters is in the city of Pécs, but I have had the good fortune to work in various parts of the country.

I encountered professionalism for the first time, when I started working with Bigi 12 years ago.

I don’t consider them as just one of the procurement sources, but as a mutually advantageous business connection. I have had the opportunity to design their beautiful kitchen furniture and especially their room furniture into my works. Edit Borbás always provided me with a lot of assistance during my projects. I am an experienced home interior designer, but I will never know as much about kitchen furniture as she does. I can confidently count on her advice and ideas.

I take the students of my home interior design private school to Bigi for lectures. The students invariably become spellbound by the marvellous selection of exclusive room furniture.

It’s very difficult to recommend someone! It may sound like kissing up, when it’s not. Try it yourselves!

You won’t be disappointed by the expertise, helpfulness and quality of Bigi’s team.

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