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  • Kitchens for all life styles

    Tailored to your needs

  • Life in the kitchen

    Family living space

    Where a day-starting piece of good advice is served with breakfast, homework is prepared at the same time with dinner, where we can find our family members beside the delicious meals, where our life is happening in the kitchen...

  • Luxury at the highest level

    The gem of the home

    I mostly dine in restaurants, but my fridge is never empty. Champagne and caviar can be stored for a very long time. The kitchen is like a gem around a woman’s neck: you should simply just marvel at it...

  • Youthful momentum


    It may remain an eternal secret from me, why somebody likes to cook, but even I need the kitchen, where I can at least warm up granny’s brilliant cottage-cheese dumplings. And if there already is one, then it should reflect my personality. Who said anyway, that frying eggs sunny-side-up isn’t one of the feats of the kitchen?

  • Male dominance


    The soul of the kitchen is the perfect coffee machine, and of course the side by side fridge, which is always prepared for welcoming even a larger group of friends. The giant cabinets perfectly conceal my untidiness from female visitors, and there still isn’t a better companion in the world, than my dishwasher…

  • What is your kitchen going to be like?

    My kitchen

    Friendly, plush, or professionally equipped? What are the most important factors for you, when you imagine your future kitchen? Collect ideas and share them with us, so we can design the kitchen of your dreams. So? What kind of kitchen do you wish for?

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Family living space

    Where a day-starting piece of good advice is ...

  • The gem of the home

    I mostly dine in restaurants, but my fridge is ...

  • Bohemian

    It may remain an eternal secret from me, why ...

  • masculine

    The soul of the kitchen is the perfect coffee ...

  • My kitchen

    Friendly, plush, or professionally equipped? What ...

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Mediterranean styles

In Italy, the renaissance sense of living, the love of people and nature characterizes internal home design to this day. It creates a homely, cosy home, which is characterized by spacious rooms and abundant natural light. Its colour domain is reminiscent of sunlight, the seashore and olive trees. Thick, unevenly plastered, white, or ochre walls, massive wooden doors and windows, railings carved from wrought iron, or stone can be seen in the area. Its peculiar atmosphere is created by old style furniture and the pots, textiles, carpets, bearing its motif domain. Each of its variants carry somewhat divergent stylistic markings, according to these we can distinguish the fiery Spanish, the elegant Italian, the puritan Greek and the staid Provence Mediterranean styles.              

The basic characteristics of the schools of style:
- Stylistic markings strongly divergent in each nation
- The function of the house is protection against heat
- Natural stones, glazed floors
- Stylistic markings are often mixed together in their applications in Hungary

Art deco

The outstanding pieces of furniture manufactured in the Art Deco style, were originally luxury items, they were produced upon orders by the “elite”. Master craftsman products, which were made with a high level of expertise, by manual labour, with the use of expensive, exotic materials (ebony tree, Indiana rose-tree, walnut-root). To decorate them, mother of pearl, ivory, gold and silver were used.
These shape designed pieces of furniture, which had an aura of luxury, with the emergence of life-like imitations of noble materials appeared in mass production as well, by the utilization of cheaper materials they became affordable and decorated middle-class homes.


It originally referred to the English rural style, but by today it has become mixed, and country means English, American, Scandinavian, or even the Toscan rural style. The particular pieces of furniture, application of colour, motif and material usage characteristic of the specific region are what make them unique.  One thing is certain: it’s a close to nature, familiar, friendly style. It’s characterized by natural materials and restrained colours. It’s characterized by a lot of accessories. It creates harmony by the high quality selection of details. Patchwork, flowery, checkered-striped homespun fabrics, crocheted, or knitted, characteristically hand-made textiles make it unique. In the case of the kitchen, a counter built of brick is common, and woven baskets instead of drawers, tin, ceramic tools with a rural aura.

Classically modern

Innovate while preserving. This could be the motto of the classically modern style. It’s characterized by modernity in its outlines, the arrangement of the pieces of furniture and colours, while considering its motifs and material utilization, it’s the classical values that dominate. Its colours are restrained, in its ornamentation, over-decoration doesn’t prevail either in carving, or in painting, rather fine simplicity dominates. Cornered pieces of furniture, simple motifs, sunk panelled wooden doors make this style unique.

Minimalist design

The minimalist style strives to provide the maximum, meaning the perfect sense of comfort with the least possible pieces. It’s characterized by simple, elegant, pure, cornered shapes. No kitsch, just simplicity, but that in an impeccable and perfect quality. Its most characteristic colour is white, but natural colours are frequent, various hues of brown, grey and black. The fans of the style enjoy playing with the dark-light contrast. In the minimalist style home, there aren’t many pieces of furniture, only the most necessary ones. Frequently, everyday objects are hidden in a wardrobe, or shelves sunk into the walls, exactly for this reason some consider it impersonal. At the same time the minimalist style has an increasing number of followers world-wide. According to its fans, the minimalist style offers a sense of order, tranquillity and purity.

Classical style

The origins of the classical style reach back to ancient historical times. Its characteristics are solid, high quality pieces of furniture. Home design textiles are made of noble materials (silk, velvet, lace, noble fabric). Its colours are divers, either if we choose warm colours (yellow, brown, beige, drab, rusty, claret), or cold colours (ice-blue, old rose, smoke-colour, sand-colour, vanilla yellow, menthe-green), the general impression should be tranquil and pure. Its atmosphere may even be superior, measured, tranquil, elegant, precious, dignified, noble, proportional, finely-crafted, lavish and opulent. In the case of the classical style accessories are crucial. Small pieces of furniture are present in the classical space, as instruments amplifying fineness and charm, which simultaneously express our taste, personality and the characteristics of the room. Vases, mirrors, ceramics, china, glasses, wall clocks, silver and brass objects, piano, candleholders, books with finely-crafted spines, wall-brackets and lamps, pillows and blankets, doorknobs and door ornaments are characteristic. In the case of kitchen furniture, fillet, round built smoke vent and ornamental bottles may serve the same function.

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