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My name is Levente Biros, I am the owner and Managing Director of Bigi Home Design.

Even in our times people need miracles, pleasant surprises, You need the design of Your home to reflect Your desires, and to provide the best to Your loved ones. As You arrive home, to be able to say: yes this is me, and to be filled with satisfaction about its every detail. The harmony, which is created by the unity of the carefully selected materials, the colors perfectly fitting to each other along with the accessories. If anything, then it is refined taste and sense of beauty, which our Italians are unbeatable at.
Similarly to our clients, perhaps You belong among those who have little time, but have high expectations and would gladly assign reliable experts to furnish Your home. If this is the case, I recommend expressly to You, our high quality Italian furniture and our high standard services, which will conform to Your expectations starting from the first draft all the way to delivery and installment, which will also be carefully done to preserve Your home. Place Your trust in us, and I will put at Your disposal the well-tested selection of 44 Italian furniture manufacturers, the 18 year long experience of our store, the brilliant creativity of our designers and the skills of our professional carpentry team.

We will gladly show our selection to Your home designer, interior designer, to achieve the perfect result by strengthening each other,

Get to know us, discover the wonderful beauty of Italian furniture, request our free price offers



Levente Biros

Managing Director


Edit Borbás

kitchen furniture designer, shop manager
Throughout my 14 years of professional and even longer house-wife experience I have been in countless kitchens. After having designed several hundred kitchens, I know what makes a kitchen spectacular, useful and lovable. In the possession of some basic information, I can design a kitchen for you, which is suitable for your needs, fits well into your home and is practical.  

Adrienn Biros

room furniture expert, co-owner
I welcome you to the home page of Bigi Home Design. I have been dealing with Italian furniture for 7 years, during which time I have successfully implemented the most divers home design demands. I offer you my knowledge of furniture, my experience, so we can furnish you home with Italian furniture, which are tasteful, suitable for your needs, and which you will love in the long term.
Ask for me on the phone: +36 1 898 1538

From Monday till Friday

Between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm

Please take a look at our showroom!


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